The task of managing security is complex, and with sophisticated tools, cyber attackers today unfortunately have asymmetric advantages over businesses. More than 31,800 security gaps have been identified and documented as vulnerabilities, and the number is growing. Businesses now require more than 92,000 checks across their physical and virtual networks as well as their operating systems, databases, and Web applications as they take on several Security challenges:

·       Managing business risks effectively.

·       Discovering and monitoring assets including IP, wireless and mobile assets.

·       Managing the large number of growing business vulnerabilities and threats.

·       Implementing complex security tools.

·       Acquiring resources with advanced IT skills.

·       Managing solution silos against 35,000+ security controls to remain compliant under various mandatory regulations and standards

Compliance regulations are required by various government and standard bodies as a part of conducting business. Depending on the type of business such as the healthcare vertical, retail/e-commerce vertical or the federal vertical, businesses may need to comply with HIPAA/HITECH, PCIDSS, FISMA, SOX, and other regulations. Managing the maze of controls from multiple regulations that require compliance is particularly challenging, often forcing businesses to go through similar controls over and again.

Businesses need to continuously monitor and secure business critical assets and information. This calls for effectively managing IT risks, assets, and vendors. At any point in time, businesses often must deal with many challenges:

·       Monitoring requirements from various regulations and standards as well as keeping track of changes over time.

·       Ensuring every critical- asset is protected with adequate privacy and security mechanisms.

·       Managing risk management to ensure security and compliance gaps are remediated in a prioritized manner.

·       Monitoring the policies and procedures required to comply with regulations and standards.

·       Confirming administrative, physical and technical requirements to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

·       Educating employees and adhering to training-related requirements.

·       Managing external vendors to ensure they also comply with security and compliance guidelines.

·       Compliance regulations protect critical business assets based on security best practices in the industry. Businesses thus need holistic, effective, and proactive lifecycle security along with real-time, compliance-lifecycle management processes.

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