We understand the unique challenges faced by companies with employees working remotely in India. Our IT Asset Management services are designed to provide seamless support, ensuring efficient tracking, secure storage, and seamless redeployment of your company's assets.


With a dedicated team located throughout India, we can promptly fulfill your IT Asset requirements. Whether you need laptops, computers, or any other IT Asset item in a specific location in India, we can ensure timely delivery within the given time frame, including for remote employees.


Key Services We Offer: (Including purchasing of Items in India for business purposes)

  1. Tracking the allocation of each asset.
  2. Securely collecting and storing assets during offboarding, performing necessary formatting and minor repairs for future redeployment.
  3. Deploying stored assets to new employees and updating the inventory listing.
  4. Providing computer-based support, either remotely or onsite, for manufacturer support or minor repairs.
  5. Taking full responsibility for the safety and security of the assets in inventory.
  6. Remotely checking the working condition of offboarding assets before collection and updating the inventory accordingly.


If this is something, you have been looking for? I would like to schedule a meeting to further explore how CBSINFOSYS can assist you. Please let me know your availability, and I will share the meeting invite accordingly. Pls, call us at 1-833-247-8800. 




Asset Management Service Comparison

FeatureCBSINFOSYSOther companies
IT Asset management
Asset Discovery
Inventory management
IT Service Management --
Work Flow Optimization --
Asset tracking --
computer based support --
saftey and securtiy --
Service delivery improvement --

CBSINFOSYS IT Asset Management solutions helps organizations to manage their IT assets efficiently. The platform offers features such as asset discovery, inventory management and asset tracking. We aims to streamline IT operations, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance.

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