CBS is on a mission to become the global leader in Business Solutions with its niche products and services. With the increase in demand CBS offers services of sourcing and consulting. These services are offered keeping the best interest of the company in mind. The services are cost effective and tend to produce exceptional outcomes; this is all accomplished at below market cost to our clients without compromising excellent results.


Sourcing Services

At central business solutions we strive to deliver excellent sourcing services to our esteemed clients. The staff at CBS is excellent at recruiting and sourcing leaders with deep understanding of technology and business requirements. In the sourcing model we identify candidates, pre screen, provide skill set tests, and interview preparation; resulting in a candidate that is ready to talk to your company.

One of our greatest attributes is the ability to expedite multiple job requisitions with varied skill sets and multiple time lines; in turn our clients are able to continue on with meeting their business and staffing objectives, while we work diligently.

In addition to the above attributes the ability to meet them at costs standing below the market costs without compromising the excellent results is exceptional. By the use of our service the company saves the cost of additional staff space, payroll/HR, health insurance and staff turnover.


Consulting services

Companies are looking for more than "advice." In addition to solid advice, they need total solutions. That's why CBS has developed a comprehensive approach to consulting that moves clients forward at every level of their business, from high-level strategic planning to improved customer service to day-to-day operations.

At CBS we look after the client needs by providing excellent consulting services wherever needed. At CBS we consider it a cost effecting way of getting quality consultants for your project needs. As per the requirement on client side CBS would provide the best technical consultant to resolve the issues. It is a unique and an exceptional service offered at costs much lower to the market costs without compromising the final outcome of the offering. Business consulting service lines include: Strategy & Business Architecture, Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management , Human Performance, and Finance & Performance Management .

How the process works:

  • Once a new requisition is announced the primary recruiter starts working on his orders immediately by means of searching and job boards.

  • Then begins the process of pre-verifying, pre- qualifying candidates and create a database of suitable candidates.

  • In order for us to deliver best candidates, we interview them, do reference checks & have history with candidates We have a feedback system to make sure we understand your requirements.

  • By taking care of all the paperwork we give you a streamlined logistics process. Benefits:

    Candidates are legitimate; we disqualify any fake candidate in our pre-qualification process. Testimonials, references, and Case studies prove Guaranteed, risk free results (we don’t get paid until you hire someone) .We utilize our in-built screening system SkillExam ( to check skill level of the candidate.

    These services are yet offered at costs much lower to the market costs with no compromising in the final outcome. The process saves time at the end of the client and ensures a final delivery on project needs. 

Staffing service Comparison

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CBSINFOSYS is 23 year old well-established global staffing and consulting company that offers a wide range of staffing solutions, including temporary and permanent placements. The company specializes in various professional fields, such as finance, engineering, healthcare, IT, Non-IT and more. We aim to connect skilled professionals with organizations seeking top talent, providing tailored staffing solutions.

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