We have an excellent staff of recruiting & sourcing leaders with deep understanding of technology & business requirements...

Central Business Solutions is a unique company. We specialize in large sourcing projects by providing full cycle recruiting off site for our clients. Our model is to identify candidates (passive or active), pre screen, provide skill set tests, and interview preparation; resulting in a candidate that is ready to talk to your company.

One of our greatest attributes is the ability to expedite multiple job requisitions with varied skill sets and multiple time lines,  in turn our clients are able to continue on with meeting their business and staffing objectives, while we work diligently.

In addition, this is all accomplished at below market cost to our clients without compromising excellent results. By utilizing our services our clients are not required to incur the cost of additional staff space, payroll/HR, health insurance and staff turnover issues that are all often a part of on site recruiting teams. The keyword here is “low- maintenance. “

Because of the expertise of our recruiters combined with clear and open communication with our clients our hire rate is very high generally resulting in a 75%-90% interview/acceptance ratio to submission. This is credited to our understanding of our client needs and our sourcing model. Only the most qualified candidates are submitted which allows our clients the most efficient use of their time.