Services are focused on building solutions around enterprise infrastructure software and hardware...

Services include application design and development, application porting, migration, as well managed services. We have extensive expertise on multiple platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and MacOSX.


  • Application Design, Development, and Porting:

Port applications to other platforms, create new applications, and rewrite current applications in another language. We have offshore resources to provide the highest value at the lowest cost. CBS is emerging as a leader in the business solution through technology. We are redefining the marketplace by adding innovative capabilities to better serve the needs of our mature and emerging clients. Our "network of business" strategy lets us continue to expand our capabilities.

  • Content Management Server based Sites :

We have expertise in building sites with content management based system. We use open source based systems, which means no licensing cost. Yet you will get a highly scalable content driven site, which is easy to manage and update on a regular basis for news, news flashes, announcements, banners, polls etc.

  • Managed Services:

Outsource application-management so that you can focus on your core business. With offices around the globe, we can manage your applications and operations 24X7X365

  • R&D:
  1. Measurement and automation services
  2. Data collection and analysis services from multiple instruments
  3. Stress tests
  4. Temperature tests
  5. Calibration Services (GPIB, RS232, I2C)
  6. Reliability tests
  • Health Care Solutions (HIPAA Compliance Service for HealthCare Organizations)
  • Health Care Solutions (EDI/XML based HIPAA Implementation Services):
  1. Eligibility: ASC X12 270/271 (X010 Compliant)
  2. Claims: ASC X12 835 (X010 Compliant).
  3. Referral Status: Inquiry/Response 278
  4. Claim Status: Inquiry/Response 276, 277
  5. HL7
  • Solutions for effectively performing Clinical Trials (Data Collection Solutions, Drug Safety monitoring, Data Analysis, Reporting etc.)
  • E-commerce Solutions (Web Based Solutions with E-comm txn capability)
  • Measurement Solutions (specially optical measurements) using most of the equipments from vendors such as Agilent, GE, Philips, Tektronix etc.
  • Network Management System Based Solutions
  • Wireless and Palm Application Development
  • Datawarehousing and Reporting Based Solutions
  • Website and Software Test Automation
  • Logo Design
  • Flash Animation Development
  • Voice Recognition Application Development
  • Trading Partner Transactions Based Solutions (Data Exchange between Trading Partners)
  • Microsoft , Unix and Linux based software/internet development Projects
  • Strategic Management consulting.
  • Business resource allocation and financial planning services