Specialty Solutions (Expertise)


Over a period of time with numerous value added solutions provided to various clients across the globe. CBS has built several niche specialty services in the different area of technology. 

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Security & Compliance(Trust Assurance Services )


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· Vunerability Assessment

· Penetration Testing

· Secure Code Analysis

· Audit and Compliance Services






Data Science and Analytics Services




· Create POC using R and Python

· Implement Data Science Algorithms

· Create Analytical Reports



Infrastructure Support Services





· Managing Private Cloud Infrastructure

· Managing Public Cloud such as AWS

· DevOps Services(Chef/Puppet based automation, Python based scripting for automation)

· Managing VMs

· Managing Middleware (Application servers, load balancers, web servers)

· Managing Production Databases (Oracle, Sql Server, Open Source Databases)

· Setting-up and Managing Hadoop cluster







Human Resource Management (



· Pre-Hire Skill Assessment System

· Employee Performance Review Systems

· System to conduct examination for educational organizations







Field Sales Solutions (


· Setup and Customize Field Sales workflow using our mobile product Fieldworkmobility supporting both Android and iOS.

· Setup the centralized dashboard on Salesforce or at

· Train the Field Sales team

· Ongoing support  







Data Center Management



· Data Replication and Redundancy Service (Sql Server)