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I never said I did not like it or want it, your inability to understand what was being said here's the issue, your's much easier, mobile is harder to develop for, even with the Osrs gold outdated game that RS is generally. Due to size of the display without messing up a tap/click perform and it is more difficult to play general tasks. It runs dry your battery rather quickly forcing one to be constantly aware and paying attention to it..before you start a boss battle and lose your stuff.

There is nothing about mobile that's"simpler", there's alot about it that is more suitable, the same holds true for nearly everything. A real desktop computer or notebook will do it better and simpler, it's just convenient to have the ability to pull something out of your pocket and get it done instead and makes it our move to.even pills that in Buy Rs gold some cases are the specific same thing as a phone (go go asus! ) ) Just larger, you've got the exact same matter. . It's more easy than on the phone.

As somebody who's extensively played a LOT of MMOs, with the majority of time spent on WoW and Runescape, I can tell you right now you very obviously have not played the game in any way. Your remarks are biased, or straight incorrect in the best. And in exactly the exact same point jerkin off other MMOs. Yes MMOs are just a rotation.

I've completed epic articles and all of the raids for every expansion in WoW. It is rotations, and also a little memorizing certain mechanics that normally boil down to,"Stand at the safe spot" or"utilize X item on X thing".
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