Anjul Katare (Chairman and Founder)

Anjul is a seasoned executive with technology, management and strategic edge. Anjul brings many years of wide variety of experiences including leading product development/management, creating organizations from scratch, setup operations and marketing strategy. Anjul also serves as a management and technology advisor to various startups and mid size firms. Anjul has been instrumental in creating Central Business Solutions to a premier business solutions firm from scratch by his determination, hard work and smart execution.


Board Members:


Arvind Gokhale

Arvind is seasoned technology executive who brings many years of technology services operations experience. Arvind has extensive experience in developing new business, Setting up new offices & operations and driving multimillion dollar engagements and relationships for some elite companies. Arvind also possess extensive experience in analyzing market trends, driving business/product strategy, creating product requirements, and supporting marketing/sales go-to-market activities.