In order to utilize the extra capacity at our various office locations and strong resources available for work. We offer our incubation service commonly called Build Operate Transfer service to promising organizations across the globe.

Our incubation services offering includes dedicated skilled man power resourcesoffice space infrastructuredevelopment and staging servers with all the development tools as well as HR and administration support. The incubation service has proven to be extremely useful for bringing products and services to the market both economically as well as driven by quality.

The differentiating factor between our service and regular build operate transfer service is that we offer the service for a reasonable equity if the organization's future prospects looks solid to us.

Currently we offer incubation in following areas of technology:

  • 1.Java/J2ee
  • 3. LAMP/WAMP ( Linux Apache PHP Mysql and Windows Apache PHP MySql)
  • 4. Dot-Net
  • 5. LaunchPad(Our own community driven platform for building feature rich web apps)
  • 6. QA Automation using Selenium
  • 7. Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal)
  • 8. Mobile Application Development 
  • 9. Salesforce customization and app development
  • 10. Security and Pen Testing services


Please contact us for more details about our service to setup an appointment. References and sample contract can be provided on request.