CBS Consulting Services. A cost effective way to get quality consultants for your project needs...

We see our consulting services in a very unique way, by positioning ourselves as follows:


Target Market:

Account managers within technology solutions providers (e.g., Price-Waterhouse-Coopers)

The Competitive Frame of Reference:

Contract Placement Company

Points of Difference:

Makes it easier for you to quickly find people who meet your requirements, so that you can be sure to get your project done on time and within budget.

Proof Points:

1. How do we fulfill on requests more quickly?

  • We start with global, comprehensive set of resources (hotjobs, monster, dice); 10MM candidates
  • We then pre-verify, pre-qualify candidates (create our own, quality database)
  • We don’t make you weed through poor candidates

2. How do we deliver better hit rates (Quality)

  • Start with a quality database of candidates
  • Before sending you a candidate, we interview them, do reference checks, fact checks)
  • We have history with candidates
  • We have a feedback system to make sure we understand your requirements

3. How do we make the process easier for you?

  • We have a streamlined logistics process (e.g., 1 page of paperwork and we take care of everything else to complete the hire)
  • Start with broad pool
  • Proactive verification, pre-qualification

4.How can you trust that we will deliver on our promises?

  • We are in this business to stay, and thus we do the right thing for the client…no need to fear.
  • The candidates would be legitimate, we disqualify any fake candidate in our pre-qualification process.
  • Testimonials, references, and Case studies prove Guaranteed, risk free results (we don’t get paid until you hire someone)
  • We use our in-built screening system SkillExam ( to check skill level of the candidate.

Emotional End Benefit:


Time Saver