CBS has successfully built several business productivity solutions. All or products have been built with one simple objective- We build meaningful and value added products that can provide greatest amount of value to our client. Here is the summary of our products: 


MySalesDialerPro is an enterprise class Inside Sales app (for sales reps who are in the field or in the office). The app is utilized by thousands of businesses worldwide! This auto dialer is great for both inside and outside sales. As the sales reps are no longer confined to the office walls/cubicles and perform only inside sales job, instead they prefer to be on the field doing live interactions with the clients, at the same time they want powerful smart phone app to carry on all the aspects of inside sales and CRM.

MySalesDialerPro offers a complete solution that helps inside sales reps perform end-to-end sales process right from lead gen -> prospecting ->engagement -> invoicing



SkillExam has something really unique to offer to boost your assessment capabilities, whether you are hiring new employee or conducting performance review or simply conducting online exam in your organization, we can help you in taking the guess-work out of your process. We provide you customized online assessment test for skills of your choice to assess your examinee.



At Job 360, we understand how valuable it is to hire right candidates for the success of a company. The reports shows that on an average one bad hire costs atleast 10 times to the company and a good hire brings 10 time more value to the company.

We have created a unique platform for employers to come in and post their jobs for free for which only employers permitted recruiters/agencies would be allowed to work. The employer would be able to view the best possible candidates submitted by their permitted recruiters/agencies. Once employer decided to talk to the candidate or select them for further processing they can go ahead reward the recruiter with Resume Acceptance FeeTM