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MySalesDialer.com now offers a cloud based remote workforce management system with MySalesDialer smart-phone app on Android platform. The app and the centralized remote workforce management system is capable of serving many different industries where remote workforce is deployed (e.g. Life Insurance, Real Estate, Tele Services, Service by Appointment Industry, MLM Industry, Home Healthcare Industry and so on)


CBS Information Systems Inc has released a SaaS based remote workforce management system and a mobile application for Android platform called My Sales Dialer (http://www.mysalesdialer.com). The new version of mobile CRM product with SaaS dashboard is able to cater to many industries such as tele-services, life insurance service, pharmaceutical (medical representatives’ visit), Home healthcare (visiting RNs), delivery and logistics as well as in general onsite service by appointment industries (e.g. utilities).

It is estimated that the worldwide remote worker population has grown from 919.4 million in 2008 (accounting for 29% of the worldwide workforce), to 1.19 billion in 2013, accounting for 34.9% of the workforce. Even among workers who do not consider them selves to be road warriors, market research firm Gartner estimates that today, 45% of workers in the United States are out of the traditional office a minimum of eight hours per week.

The current version of smart phone based CRM has the capabilities to sync with a SaaS dashboard from where the administrator or manager can manage remote workforce, assign task, assign leads/contacts, view summary and detailed activity of each agent.

Majority of this workforce is in the field doing clients/prospects visitation as well as other field service based tasks, which makes it one of the appropriate markets for mobile CRM.

The benefit of such system and tool frees up workers/resources from office to remote work place. The system offers subscription based fee, only for the active workers/resources. No infrastructure cost per resource, if working remotely or on the field. The app and the SaaS system empower companies to have a true global presence with remote workforce beyond the office boundaries, by offering centralized management of distributed workforce.

The company says they are continuing to improve the product by adding more features on their dashboard as well as app.. Read More


Pat Uniyal 

Public Relations Manager 

Phone: 1-415-484-6478



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