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Consulting Services

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CBS Consulting Services. A cost effective way to get quality consultants for your project needs.

We see our consulting services in a very unique way, by positioning ourselves as follows:

  • Target Market:
    Account managers within technology solutions providers (e.g., Price-Waterhouse-Coopers)
  • The Competitive Frame of Reference:
    Contract Placement Company
  • Points of Difference:
    Makes it easier for you to quickly find people who meet your requirements, so that you can be sure to get your project done on time and within budget.
  • Proof Points:
    1. How do we fulfill on requests more quickly?
      • We start with global, comprehensive set of resources (hotjobs, monster, dice); 10MM candidates
      • We then pre-verify, pre-qualify candidates (create our own, quality database)
      • We don’t make you weed through poor candidates
    2. How do we deliver better hit rates (Quality)
      • Start with a quality database of candidates
      • Before sending you a candidate, we interview them, do reference checks, fact checks)
      • We have history with candidates
      • We have a feedback system to make sure we understand your requirements
    3. How do we make the process easier for you?
      • We have a streamlined logistics process (e.g., 1 page of paperwork and we take care of everything else to complete the hire)
      • Start with broad pool
      • Proactive verification, pre-qualification
    4. How can you trust that we will deliver on our promises?
      • We are in this business to stay, and thus we do the right thing for the client…no need to fear.
      • The candidates would be legitimate, we disqualify any fake candidate in our pre-qualification process.
      • Testimonials, references, and Case studies prove Guaranteed, risk free results (we don’t get paid until you hire someone)
      • We use our in-built screening system SkillExam ( to check skill level of the candidate.
  • Emotional End Benefit:
    Time Saver